This is a quick overview of the clients I have worked for in person and online. Please contact the studios directly for their opening times and COVID protocols.

In person


Sydney CBD and nearby surrounds:

Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Sydney Upper / Lower North Shore

Sydney - Other


International - UK / Europe

  • Scottish Borders
  • Thamesmead Life Drawing
  • Brixton Life Drawing
  • Outside the Box Drawing
  • Lockdown Life Drawing
  • Tali Farchi
  • Life DrawingPlus
  • Life Drawing Network
  • South Dublin Life Drawing
  • Wokingham Life Drawing
  • Chertsey Artists
  • Start2Wonder
  • Nordic Drawing
  • Croquis Corner

International - USA

    • Backfence Society Draws
    • Arts Alliance of Stratford
    • Silhouette & Shadow
    • 560_7th


    During Sydney's latest pandemic I have initiated several online Zoom sessions, dedicating my precious time and experience to help hosts get off the ground and offer a product that is highly valued by artists all around the world.

    These include:

    • Peach Black Gallery
    • Dr Sketchy Newcastle Australia
    Other studios that have created their own online offerings and are highly recommended include:
    • Oak Hill Gallery
    • Wine & Line BX
    • Virtual Life Drawing Australia
    • Gladdy Drawing Club (uses Vimeo platform instead of Zoom)

    Unfortunately in 2 examples (Lighthouse Art Space and Studio Carte Blanche), the hosts have decided to exploit this information without proper acknowledgment or compensation, abusing my time, and breaching my explicit terms and conditions. In particular, the host of Lighthouse Art Space repeatedly hounded me for content which I was not comfortable with. When I politely refused to do any further work, she blocked me on social media, thereby continuing to profiteer from the expertise and resources I have shared with her.