Handy tools

A few little bits and pieces that will help us collaborate seamlessly....


This is the platform I use to host my online sessions. For you as the invited participant, downloading and using Zoom is free for the entire duration of the session.

If you wish to host a session with multiple participants, Zoom requires an upgrade to a Pro account; fortunately I have this already so that part is taken care of. I can even assign you as the co-host so you have full control of what goes on during the session.

Please refer to Google for the latest version of Zoom that is compatible for you.

Time Zone converter

Being Australian, I'm used to being on 'the other side of the world'! I'm no stranger to early starts or late finishes, as I always make sure I keep to a manageable schedule.

It's always handy to know at a glance time differences around the world; these links may be useful but please always cross check as sometimes one website is not the most accurate source of truth! This applies especially during Daylight Saving.

Invoicing & ABN

I have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and can invoice you after the session if required.

My ABN is 62369 273315.

If you make a donation in one of my sessions and would like an invoice (no matter how small the amount) I am happy to do that too.