Terms and conditions

In the interest of the model's safety there are a few terms and conditions that you should be familiar with prior to the modelling session. Any variations sought to these terms and conditions must be discussed with me first and given my express consent prior to confirmation of the booking.

These terms and conditions apply to both Zoom and in-situ sessions:

1. Photography

Under no circumstances may any participant (including the organiser) take a photo of the model while nude or posing nude. Participants may also not approach the model while she is posing to make such a request. It is extremely unprofessional, distracting and intimidating to have artists hovering around the model, trying to negotiate 'just a few photos' of her. No excuse given by the participant is considered reasonable, including 'needing more time' to finish the artwork.

It is the organiser's responsibility to remind all participants of this prior to the model taking the stage, so that no one 'accidentally' takes a photo.

Should participants need 'just a portrait photo', this request must be directed to the organiser so that they can check with me first if I am okay with that. 

2. Breaks

A sufficient break of at least 5 minutes is appreciated after every 30 min segment. If it is a shorter session (eg 2 hours) please let me know the pose schedule in advance so that I can accomodate this with the pose selections. Going for a full hour with 'just a shake out' between poses is extremely taxing on the joints. Please be mindful of this.

3. Cancellations

Whilst cancellations from time to time may be unavoidable (eg COVID), please endeavour to advise your model as soon as possible so she can accept other work. Please do not assume she knows a session is cancelled due to COVID - many schools have exemptions or are offering alternatives such as online classes. It is a courtesy to advise her what is going on, and, where possible, offer to reschedule the session(s).

Last minute cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will be subject to the full model fee.

4. Use of images

Generally I am happy for any artworks of me to be shared on participants' social media pages, using the tag @livtoperform. If you need an image for promotional purposes, please ask me first so I can check with the artist and ensure they are credited properly.

Unfortunately there is an organiser from Petersham who lifted an artwork from my social media page without my consent nor giving any credit whatsoever, in order to promote his own sessions. That matter has now been dealt with, but caused considerable distress at the time at the lack of transparency and professionalism.

General courtesy guidelines


During winter time, please ensure in advance your heaters are working and not subject to blow-outs. Please do not position the heater directly onto the model's face - allow her to adjust it according to her needs.

The same goes for lights - she shouldn't be blinded before needing to say something!

Transport and parking

As well as the modelling location, please advise if parking is available on site or nearby. University campuses in particular can be large and confusing - please let the model know if she can park on site, which bay(s) to park in, and the nearest road for entry / exit (if there are multiple entrances). Gates tend to be shut late at night, so please let the model know which exit is the right one!

If you know in advance the model is travelling a fair distance, or you are situated in a remote area, please consider adding an extra $10 to the model fee to cover transport (if your budget allows it).


During the break and / or at the end of each Zoom session, it is customary for the host to announce how the model can be paid tips (eg she may have her own PayPal or buymeacoffee account). A few extra dollars from a handful of artists really does go a long way to covering her basic modelling expenses, including costumes, props, set up time etc.

Whilst tipping the model is not practiced in Sydney, it doesn't hurt to try something new! If you feel comfortable doing so, you might consider encouraging patrons to tip the model (eg gold coin donation). Again, a handful of tips from artists is a great way to show the group's appreciation and recognition of the model's hard work. 

Your understanding in accepting these terms and conditions is appreciated. I look forward to working with you.