Trip around Australia

In 2021 my goal was to travel around Australia and model in as many places as possible (COVID permitting). I have visited every state of Australia at least once in my lifetime and have decided that a 'modelling tour' would be a fabulous way of getting to know the towns and cities more intimately, as well as feeding that one hungry beast I can never seem to satisfy: the appetite of my creative soul.

At the start of the year I was actually on track with this intention, modelling in Port Stephens, Kiama, Berry, Bowral, Richmond and Glenbrook. Travelling to all these places makes me extremely happy; the opportunity to visit some wonderful locations, meet new people, and made to feel welcome is definitely a gift for this humble adventurer.

Dutchmans Beach, Nelson Bay. A nude swim in the morning before
a modelling session was just the thing to get warmed up for some inspired poses!

Kiama, en route to Merribee Gardens which is about 3 hours from Sydney.

Kiama Art Society meets at the Kiama Scout Hall for its regular life drawing sessions. Have modelled a few times here in 2021 and look forward to coming back.

The rolling, verdant hills of Berry, where I modelled for a weekend workshop for the former Julian Ashton cohort. Berry is a lovely, bucolic town, on the train line near Kiama.

Second lockdown wave:

Towards the end of June 2021 the second wave of lockdown hit, and all my plans to continue my travels went into a tailspin. I was forced to cancel a long anticipated trip to Melbourne in July, which pocketed my Air B&B host in St Kilda a tidy sum of just over $700 in a non-refundable deposit. No matter how much I tried to reason with Air B&B, the host simply refused to budge, and in the end said she said in a nasty tone that she was "rescinding the offer to [even] change the dates", thereby implying I was worth nothing more to her than a piece of trash. To say I was completely devastated is an understatement; it wasn't the kind of money I could afford to lose, and to be treated so disparagingly took a toll on my mental health. On the day of this interaction, I also had a modelling session booked at Royal Art Society. I think this portrait says it all, really:

'A bitter blow' - portrait by Rosy Lloyd (@mrlloyd_art) 
at Royal Art Society 2021

The current situation:

Anyway, so here we are at the tail end of 2021 and I feel ready and confident to resume my plans to keep travelling around Australia. So far I have Springwood Arts Centre booked in Jan 2022, which I am really looking forward to, and there is a studio owner in Bathurst who is keen to book me for a session once regional travel in NSW is given the all-clear.

In addition to these places, I would absolutely love to be able to work in the following locations:

  • Canberra - because I adore the history and the museums
  • Perth - I have visions of making it to the coastline just like Robyn Davidson in Tracks (sans camels though!!!)
  • Melbourne and regional Victoria

How you can help:  

Finding and contacting studio owners takes a lot of time and preparation, as you can imagine. For them, I can understand  it's already hard enough to find good, reliable models, let alone models who are going to be travelling all the way from interstate. Nevertheless, I hope that my portfolio (on my Insta @livtoperform) and this website gives confidence that once I'm booked in, I am totally 100% committed to turning up and doing a great job.

So, with that in mind, here are some ways I would love to get some help:

  • Studio recommendations and / or introductions to studio owners / coordinators
  • Accomodation (where possible) - I'm extremely grateful to the hosts that have been helpful and generous with organising a spare room or couch for me to stay overnight. I'm a simple girl that doesn't take up much space, and am always happy to cook and supply my own meals.
  • Transport - fortunately most places are accessible by car or train, but in more regional towns it's always handy to know if someone can pick me up or drop me off at the nearest station. 

Long term goals:

Long term my goal is to immerse myself in the Australian landscape, inspire as many artists as I can and write a book about my experiences. Personally I don't think there are enough 'grassroots' travel books about regional Australia, which has its own rhythms, struggles and way of life. 

I love the idea of becoming a published novelist / short story writer and the only way to do this is to write with authenticity and experience. So, any help or guidance I can get in being able to travel is really appreciated and will not go uncredited in my book :-)

Final credit / thanks:

My huge and sincere thanks to the following places that have responded positively to my modelling enquiries and given me an opportunity to model for them:

If you would like to offer any help or suggestions on where I could model around Australia, feel free to reach out to me on my email (no 'e' in liv).
Thank you very much and hope we can meet soon at one of these places!